Peek&Cloppenburg consists of two legally and economically independent companies based in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. You are currently on the website of Peek&Cloppenburg KG in Hamburg whose stores you can find here.

Peek&Cloppenburg Store


Located on Königsplatz, the attractive fashion store is the new magnet for fashion, brands and lifestyle in the city of Kassel.

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Königsplatz 55
34117 Kassel
0561 - 50 64 35 00

Opening hours
Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm

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Garage at City-Point
Garage at Kurfürstengallerie
Garage and Parking Friedrichsplatz
Garage at Stern
Garage Kölnische Strasse
Garage Neue Fahrt/Opernstrasse

Please find Park&Ride possibilities at Platz der Deutschen Einheit with Tram connections 4+8 or RT 5 directly to the Königsplatz.

Public transport

Tram: Tram 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 directly to the Königsplatz
Regio-Tram: RT 4, RT 5 directly to the Königsplatz
Train: direclty to the main station of Kassel (about 7 min. by foot to the P&C store or go on with Regiotram RT 4 to the Königsplatz); or train to ICE-Bahnhof Wilhelmshöhe (go on to the Königsplatz with Tram 1 + 3 or to the main station of Kassel by Regiotram RT 5 + RT 9)

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